The Blood, the Claims and the Sovereign Soldier

We had a great time this weekend and thank God for all He did for us.

On Saturday we had a family get together and enjoyed a meal at a local resturant. I enjoyed seeing the family and catching up with some that I had not had much of a chance to speak to in a while.

Sunday was a great blessing! At the Sunday School hour I continued going verse-by-verse through Ephesians. We are up to verse 7 and focused on redemption through Christ’s blood.

At the 11 o’clock service I continued our series going through the Gospel According to John. We have been setting a framework and foundation for several weeks now. We have seen the Several Credentials of Christ, Seven Conversations with Christ and yesterday we looked at the Seven Claims of Christ. The Lord willing next week we will look at the Seven Comparisons of Christ (with God the Father).

In the evening service I preached the second in our series, Appearance is Everything. The first week I preached on God’s Appearance in Eden, last night was God’s Appearance at Jericho, God’s Sovereign Soldier and next week we will conclude by preaching on God’s Appearance in Bethlehem.

We are trying to post all our messages on the church website so feel free to check it out:

We had testimonies, special music and I believe really knew the presence of the Lord.

For those who receive prayer letters from us please expect one in the next 7-10 days.

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