Strategic Stands

In September of 1955 a relatively small ship sailed north of Scotland, far north, to a small rock island called Rockall. One writer described it as “the most isolated small rock in the oceans of the world”. Her Majesty’s Ship Vidal arrived and the next day sent a small contingent of men to raise the Union Flag and lay claim to this seemingly unimportant rock. Rockall is 102 feet long and 83 feet wide. The ship sent to lay claim to it was 297 feet long and 40 feet wide.


Some say it had to do with the Cold War, but it primarily had to do with the continental shelf and the oil that lay beneath. The rock itself held little intrinsic significance, but its position was of great importance! So although it seemed insignificant, like many other events in history it’s importance stemmed from strategy.

As Christians, specifically as what may be called fundamentalists, there are many strategic stands we take which may seem insignificant on their own, but when observed as a part of the big picture their necessity can be understood.

Consider the links in a chain. Which one can be removed and considered unimportant? Not just the ones that complete the circle but every link along the chain is essential. What of a runner in a race? Is the first step or last step more important? Maybe some of the ones inbetween? Obviously the first, the middle and the last steps are all needed!

When we consider Bible Doctrine there are many which stand or fall together. When we consider the integrity of the Word of God, if we remove a few words here, a sentence there and perhaps a paragraph here then even what remains is under question. God’s Word stands or falls together.

Some of the things your parents, pastor or friends teach may seem insignificant, outdated or simply difficult. But realise this, some things in the Christian life may be small in your eyes, but it may be of strategic importance. In 2 Samuel 23:11 we find Shammah risking his life for a field of lentils! He was fighting over a hill of beans! However, that field had strategic importance and those beans were the kings’s beans!

Determine not to grade truth in terms of isolated conditions, but see them as a part of a whole. You cannot pick and choose what Biblical truths you want to believe or not believe, obey or not obey. If you have questions then by all means patiently search them out and find the answers, but don’t think you can abandon some “small” truths and not impact them all.

If you are a man, then decide what you believe and then take a stand for the Lord!

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