Romance and the Perseids

perseidBack in about 2003 Carrie and I had been casual friends for a couple of years. Through the summer of 2003 Carrie had been showing more and more interest in me… okay, during that summer I think we both had been realising a growing affection for each other but we were by no means letting each other know.

Then during camp that year, after the campers had gone to sleep, a few of the counsellors, including Carrie and myself, went out to the field away from the tents. Carrie and I sat down a little distance away from the others and talked. Then at about the same time we looked up and thought we saw a meteor. Then another and another. Now we know that what we looked at were the Perseids. This meteor shower comes from the comet Swift-Tuttle.

At the time we did not know this. We just knew we liked each other, though nothing definitive had been said. But I guess in a way it did not need to be. As a couple of young people things were perfect, a quiet evening, a few moments to share and “shooting stars”.

The moment was broken when a mutual shouted “hi” and started to walk over, completely oblivious to the moment taking place.

No profound thoughts here, just a special memory. In a sense it was a beginning in what has continued to be special moments. I thank the Lord for Carrie. Tonight the Perseids will return to our view and 7 years on they will find Carrie and I better friends, having been through a myriad of wonderful and difficult times, but together and thanking the Lord for one another.

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