Trust and Truth

This is adapted from a post I put on the Faith Baptist Church blog when I was there. It is from August, 2007.

I have long known about relativism, the teaching that all truth is relative to a fixed point. So, in essence, there can be many ideas about truth each as valid as another. So, I could say that 2 + 2 = 4 and you could say 2 + 2= 5 and we could both be right in the world of relativism.

While I appreciate and concede that some understanding is influenced by our upbringing, culture etc., I must say that I believe truth is truth. If we disagree about something it must be that one of us is right and you are wrong (I am just joking, I trust God will always keep me teachable).

More recently I came across a philosophy prevalent in some church circles, and that is philosophical pluralism. It is very close to relativism, it ties in with post-modernism and several other man-made ideas.

What philosophical pluralism allows is for an individual to say “I believe Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life” and then turn around and say, “I believe God can save people in many different ways.”

Can there be many truths or just one truth? In the Math equation above can we both be right? I do not believe so.

I believe the Bible teaches that truth is truth. If Christ said He is the only Way to the Father then I believe there is no other way.

No doubt I’ll be putting more on the blog about this in coming months but this is a start to get you thinking.

This article got me thinking about it this evening though: Google Health

Why are people so prepared to trust Google, even with their HEALTH, yet they will not trust the tried and tested Word of God? They accept truth that is offered by some anonymous website but not Christians in their lives or the Bible?

What about you? Do you believe the Bible? Do you trust Christians? If not, then why not? We want to invite every one with questions to come along and meet with us.

Why not me and we can discuss why you do not trust the Bible..

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