Prayer Request – Tom Dotson

Please pray for my Pastor, Tom Dotson.

This morning he will begin a series of surgeries intended to rebuild his jawbone using bone from his hip. After today’s surgery he will be on a liquid diet for a while, then I believe there is more surgery to follow.

From what I understand the recovery time is going to be difficult.

Pray that the surgery today would be successful and smooth, pray for the family to have peace as this all goes on and pray that the recovery would be quick and as easy as possible.

Pastor Tom Dotson is the missionary from Georgia, USA who led me and many of my family to Christ, he started the Christian school I attended, he has been my pastor for many years, under his preaching I was called into ministry and he introduced me to my wife.

It has been a difficult year for Pastor Dotson and Mrs. Jane. They had hoped to come here to get the dental procedure done quickly but the insurance companies did what they do best and that’s to not pay out when they should.

After nearly 7 months of wrestling with them they finally have paid out and so the surgery can go ahead. Pastor Tom and Mrs. Dotson are anxious to get back to England so please remember them.

And be in pray also for Brimpton Baptist Church, it is always hard when a pastor is away for an extended time.

I will post any updates here through out the day so check back if you can.

Update: Apparently the surgery will take 7 hours so keep praying through out the day.

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