Deputation 2010 – July Update

The last few weeks we have been in South Carolina, Tennessee, back to South Carolina, then I traveled up to Pennsylvania for a week before returning back to South Carolina. On the way up to Pennsylvania and on the way back down I was able to stop and visit with churches in Virginia.

We spent about ten days in Tennessee staying with the Stagners at New Testament Baptist Church in Goodlettsville. It was a great time and I had the opportunity to arrange meetings with some pastors in the area. Our stay there was a blessing but eventually we had to head home to South Carolina. It is an 8 hour drive each way and I thank the Lord for how well the children traveled.

After a short stay at home I traveled on my own up to Pennsylvania, another ten hours drive.

As I mentioned, on the way up to Pennsylvania I stopped to visit a church in Virginia. The 4th of July is obviously quite a big deal over here, something about a war against the English. So, I was not sure if I would have the opportunity to preach. However, I had been put in touch with Grace Baptist Church in Petersburg, Virginia. My friend, Mike Barnett at Grace Baptist in Tarboro, North Carolina, had arranged for me to visit with them for the weekend.

Pastor Nunnally and the people at Grace were very hospitable and I really enjoyed my time with them. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity.
Pastor Nunnally gave me the opportunity to teach the adult Sunday School class and to preach in the afternoon service. I really appreciated them all.

I had driven 5 hours north and arrived in Dinwiddie, stayed there at Grace for the weekend and then on Monday drove a further 5 hours up to Nottingham, Pennsylvania. I had been invited to a camp meeting there by some good friends of mine.

Again, I was warmly welcomed and had a great blessing visiting with them. I feel that week I made some genuine friends and I look forward to getting to know them all more. Some of the pastors I met there have kindly offered to let me visit their church’s and share my ministry.

Then after a great week I headed home and stopped in with Pastor Thacker in Orange, Virginia. I enjoyed the opportunity to briefly visit with them before continuing the trip south.

I arrived home late Sunday night. We had anticipated being in Georgia for most of the week but things did not work out as planned and instead we found ourselves staying in South Carolina.

Since then I have been sending out letters and making numerous phone calls trying to arrange more meetings in which we can share our ministry. I have enjoyed speaking with several pastors and look forward to meeting them in person.

Please do continue to keep us in prayer.

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