A Hazard of Being a World Leader


Nothing profound in this post, some of you may say there seldom is, but have you ever noticed how quickly George Bush, Tony Blair and now Barack Obama age in office? Some say it is all down to DNA, but there also seems to be some evidence that stress will age an individual. If I put it another way then I think there will be little doubt about what I am saying. Instead of stress, think worry. There can be no doubt that when we worry we hurt ourselves and accomplish nothing. Considering the images of Bush, Blair and Obama, let me ask a question. What are you allowing stress and worry do to you because you refuse to let God’s peace rule in your hearts? According to Colossians 3:15 the peace of God is something we ‘let’ happen. Worry and stress is something we choose to do, it is deliberate and though it may take on an energy of its own, ultimately it is something we choose to do.

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