The End is Nigh, Probably


Google has many interesting and useful tools. Most people know about it as a search engine, they know about their e-mail system, GMail and they use Google Maps. But there are many other features and tools which go somewhat unnoticed. One of those is little tools is Google Suggest. This is how Google describes it:

As you type, Google Suggest returns search queries based on other users’ search activities. These searches are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely objective factors (including popularity of search terms) without human intervention. All of the queries shown in Suggest have been typed previously by other Google users

Basically Google Suggest can let you know what lots of other people are thinking about.

This morning I began looking for something and I began my search with “When will…” and the suggestions caught my eye. They are a combination of the serious and the not so serious. The first is about the Opry Mills, and I’m guessing that is partly because of my location right now, just north of Nashville, TN. The third is a hot topic in tech news right now. But the second and fourth reveal something about humanity in general: death and purpose.

“When Will I Die?”
Probably every one things about death at some point. It is one of the only guarantees in life. I can’t promise you much, but I can promise you that one day you will die. Obviously A LOT of people are thinking about this and they turn to Google, hoping that within the results there will be something to offer some help. Maybe they are looking for those online tools that use a formula to analyse your life style and then give a best guess as to how long you’ll live. Maybe they are looking for something a little deeper. But notice the tone of the question, not how long will I live, but when will I die.

No one can be certain of the time of their death, but what they can be sure of is that they will die and you can KNOW what will happen afterwards. Check out to find out what God’s Word says about sin, salvation and you.

When Will the World End
This other important question I believe deals with purpose. What is the point of it all? If you hold to evolution then we come from nothing, we’re here for a time and then we go to nothing and ultimately we leave nothing behind. Our loved ones are gone and there will be no reunion. You’re an accident after a great cosmic burp.

I believe differently though. I believe God with definite purpose designed and created this world from nothing. If you’re feeling scientifically superior consider this, you believe nothing exploded and from chaos came order. I believe God has always been and from order came order. Anyway…. I believe God made this world for a purpose. I believe He made me for a purpose. And I believe He made you for a purpose.

If you hold to evolution then you have to believe that we come from nothing and we go to nothing and ultimately we hold nothing behind. If you choose the truth of the Bible then you come from God, you are here for a reason, the world will end but you can have eternal life and purpose glorifying the God Who created you. If you want to know more about when the world will end, what happens before it ends and how it will effect you then come back for future posts.

A Final Word to Believers Christian, you have the answers to these questions. You have the Word of God. You know the Person, Jesus Christ, who is the answer to all our questions. Go out there and start offering the answers to people. The neos like to paint a grand picture of all humanity on a group pilgrimage searching for the truth. That’s not the case. As people of the Book, believers in the Way of Jesus Christ, we HAVE the answers. We’re not searching, in Christ we are complete and we can humbly offer help to a searching world.

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