The Basis for Our Praise

I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high. ~Psalm 7:17

When we praise God everything hinges on this, we praise according to His righteousness. How much is bound up in that short phrase!

We may praise God because His gift of righteousness through His son, Jesus Christ, has made it possible for us to fellowship with Him. Therefore we praise the LORD according to the righteousness He has provided for us.

We do not praise according to our wants and preferences. Praise should be used among and toward people as a means of encouragement, teaching and worship. It’s primary purpose, though, is to please God. We praise in a manner and method, in frequency and duration according to God’s righteousness.

We should praise God regardless of our circumstances. We do not praise because we feel blessed, though that helps. We do not praise because we understand God’s working in our life, though that helps. We do not praise only when we enjoy those mountain top experiences and everything goes our way. In the context of the Psalm David has suffered and continues to suffer. The basis for our praise does not lie in our fickle circumstances but in the fact of God’s righteousness.

God help us to praise You according to Your righteousness.

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