Our Anniversary – 6 Years


6 years ago today Carrie and I married. This is actually the first day we have spent our anniversary in the same time zone in which married. All the others we have spent in the UK.

Since that day we have seen many blessings and a few trials. We have lived in 4 houses and are currently living with her Mom; we have lived in 2 countries, Northern Ireland and England, and are currently in the USA; we have had 5 cars; we have been blessed to help serve in 3 ministries and are getting ready to go back to the first, we have had 3 children and who knows, maybe more; we have been blessed with numerous friends who have been used of God in many wonderful ways in our lives.

I thank the Lord for such a wonderful wife, a wonderful friend and a wonderful believer with whom to share my life. I thank God that she is such a wonderful mother and teacher to our children. I thank God that she is such a faithful help in the ministry.

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