New Grace Baptist, Tarboro NC

Last Thursday my family and I prepared to drive 5 hours north-east to visit with some old friends of ours in Tarboro, North Carolina. Mike and Marianne have been faithfully serving the Lord in Tarboro, NC for a few years now and they have been a blessing to us in many ways.

As we went to bed Thursday evening Samuel was not feeling well and neither was Carrie. At about 3am Samuel proved he was not feeling well by throwing up. It always seems to happen at 3am…

So, unfortunately on Friday morning I headed up to the Barnetts on my own.

I enjoyed seeing the church and felt great freedom as I preached Sunday morning. It was a great blessing to be with them as we worshiped and I really enjoyed taking some questions at the end of the Sunday School hour. Mike and Marianne and the people of New Grace are labouring fervently to share the Gospel with Tarboro and I know the Lord will bless them.

It was a good time of fellowship with them and I hope they enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. On Saturday they took me fishing, it was the first time for me. We went out to the lake and I hooked the worm, poor little guy was still struggling as he went under. I cast the line like a professional and patiently waited. As I waited I could hear a chorus of frogs surrounding the lake. I watched the fire flies dance to the croaky tune of the frog choir.. Then the moment came. My line began dancing in the water, dashing from side to side and then the disappearing under the surface! I had a bite!

mnw_fishNext came an epic struggle of man against beast. I dug my heels in to avoid being pulled into the murky depths of the lake. For what seemed hours I wrestled it and fought with all my strength. Finally, two legs prevailed against fins and I hauled in my catch. I feel I have made the area safer for having removed from the lake this vicious fish!

Sadly the picture of that particular fish didn’t come out well so I am posting the picture of a smaller one I caught later.

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