Arrived in USA!

After a busy few weeks of moving our things into storage and then spending a few days with friends and family in our new ministry location, Brimpton, we have now traveled to and arrived in the USA for a short deputation/furlough.

We flew into Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday and have been enjoying our time with Carrie’s Mom. We will be using this as our base for the time that we are in the USA.

On Friday we had a good time just relaxing at the house and dealing with jet lag. I mowed the lawn and the Carrie and the children enjoyed the sunshine and the garden. It was around 90F or 33C, so it was a warm start to our stay in the USA. During the day a friend from Faith Baptist in Simpsonville came by and we had a good time of fellowship. It’s a long story but I got to go out for a drive in his truck, so I am getting used to being on the road already! Last night I took a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then came home.

This weekend we are staying close to home and just getting our feet on the ground. Beginning Monday we will be getting back on track trying to book meetings and raise support. If you or anyone you know would like us to come by to present our ministry then please reply to this e-mail and we can make arrangements.

I have updated the photos on our website but you will need a password to access ones of the family. If you would like the password just request it by replying to this e-mail.

Our contact numbers, beginning Monday, will be:

USA: 864-641-1844
UK: 020 3239 3832

Thank you for praying for us.

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