Update on our Home and Sophie

Due to the gas leak at the mains we are still out of our home and expect to be until tomorrow or Monday. Last night we had a further trial as Sophie had to be taken to the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital.

She had Chicken Pox a couple of weeks ago and then about 2 days ago was struggling with a bad stomach and a very high fever. We tried to bring the fever down but yesterday afternoon we decided to take her to the A & E.

A doctor examined her, sent us back to the waiting room to give time for some medication to work, examined her again and then sent for the paediatric consultant to come down and examine her.

He examined her and believes she has an illness which is something to do with the Chicken Pox and should correct itself after a couple of weeks.

If I heard right, but seeing as I was on my own there is a chance I heard wrong, but we think it is Acute cerebellar ataxia. It basically means the virus got into her brain and had a temporary effect.

I was at the hospital by myself with her so you can imagine I had to explain this very carefully to Carrie when I got back. Who can stay all together calm when you’re told your baby has a virus in their brain.

As I understand it the effects are temporary and even today Sophie seems much better. Please do pray for her full recovery and for Carrie too.

We are still out of our home due to the gas leak but hope to be back in tomorrow or Monday.

I still do not have my van back from the garage but hope to have it back on Monday.

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