Bible School Syllabus by Graham Scroggie

Bethesda Free Church, with whom we are currently working, have an amazing history. Many great men and women of God have past through its doors since its founding by Augustus Rees. Two of their pastors are among the greatest Bible teachers of recent history, Graham Scroggie and Sidlow Baxter, the author of “Take Time to Be Holy” was a deacon, Moody, Sankey, Hudson Taylor and George Muller are just a few of the famous names who have passed through the doors.

I wanted to share a copy of the syllabus that Graham Scroggie compiled and taught while at Bethesda. The school was called then as it is now, Bethesda Bible School, and this syllabus is from 1913-14. The first few pages have been used to prepare a special service of famous hymns and their stories. Also take note of the diagram toward the back of Christ in the Scriptures.

You will get the best effect if you click “full screen”.
Bethesda Bible School Syllabus – 1913-1914 – Graham Scroggie

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