Hallgarth Friend and Family Service-2009

Tonight we held a Friend and Family service at Hallgarth Mission and had a great time! For several weeks we have been building the meeting up with the members and other believers in the area. Many were praying and we had several out distributing literature this week. We managed to get out around 4500 in total.

At the meeting this evening we had around 35-40 people. We normally get about 15. Many were believers from Bethesda who were supporting the meeting, but we did have a few visitors who we hope to see back.

I am going to put a special post up about Hallgarth sometime soon but here are a few main points:

  • This year it is officially 100 years old
  • In WWI the first leaders were called up to fight in the military
  • In WWII the first building was destroyed by German bombers
  • Over the years numerous members became Christian workers, missionaries and pastors

Hallgarth has quite an amazing history and as I said, I’ll put up a special post sometime soon.

In the service this evening several members gave testimonies, Carrie sang a solo and I preached a message on the Greatest Story.

Here is an MP3 of Ellen and Jon sharing some testimonies. I’ll try to get the sermon up another time:



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