Weekend News 210309

It has been a busy and blessed weekend.

On Saturday evening Bethesda began a Bible Conference with Pastor David Moore. The conference theme is "Shoring Up the Foundations". Pastor Moore was one of my teachers in Bible school and he was my pastor when I was in Northern Ireland. Since those long-ago days David has moved to pastor Milton Baptist Church (www.miltonbaptistchurch.info).

The conference has been a great challenge so far. It concludes this evening. Each service has been recorded and will be available on DVD or online. We hope to make some extra material available via the DVD. I’ll post more on that at a later date. 

Sunday mornings as a family we still attend services at Bethesda. Then from about 4pm onwards I am busy with the two mission halls and some weeks a young people’s meeting. On Sunday mornings I sometimes take the teens Sunday school class, and recently I have been attempting to offer live broadcasts of the service over the internet. 

I preach at Hallgarth mission from 5pm until 6pm. Then I leave Hallgarth and rush to Ford Estate Mission. We had good services at both halls. I am currently going through the Messianic Psalms. We began looking last week at Psalm 2 – The Official Glories of the Eternal Son. Yesterday we were in Psalm 40 – The Psalm of the Incarnation and Burnt Offering.


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