New 7 Seater Vehicle

Last week the Lord blessed us with a 7 seater vehicle! We have wanted and needed one for a while but the opportunity never came up. Now with three children, all still in car seats, the need became quite urgent. They would fit in the back of a car, but only just and that meant not being able to fit any one else in the vehicle.

Last week I was looking for something completely unrelated for Ashleigh on E-bay. Somehow I stumbled across a Kia Sedona. I sent an e-mail asking some questions to the dealer and within a short time they had called me. 

The asking price was fair, and I probably would have been happy with that, but I was genuinely hesitant. As I mulled things over the dealer offered to knock some money off. I then agreed to come out and look at the vehicle the next day. 

Last Thursday I went to the dealer to see the vehicle. The Kia Sedona was a trade in and the customers had bought another Kia so I figured they must have been happy with the make. It is a diesel, has 85000 miles, has sliding doors on both sides at the back and lots of other family-friendly features. I had been praying and so had Carrie and it seemed the right thing to do. 

Now, go back one day. The boot (trunk) of the vehicle we had to buy in an emergency at Christmas had always had trouble. I just realised that over the craziness of Christmas I never posted about that. I’ll come back to that at the end of this post. Anyway, finally the lock stopped opening completely and so I took it to a mechanic who fixed it and mentioned they charge a set price for lock work. 

So when I looked at the Kia and found the boot did not open I knew what it would take to repair it. However, I hesitated and the dealer took off more than I knew it would cost to repair it. 🙂 Now, I was not trying to work the system, I was genuinely thinking. The dealer is having a hard time with the economy and I think was keen to get a second hand vehicle off the lot. 

So in the end having found EXACTLY the sort of vehicle I was looking for at a price that quite fair to begin with, in the end the price came down another £350 which today is equal to $500 so it was quite the saving!

The vehicle is ideal, it is just what we needed and from beginning to end I know it was led of the Lord. 

So, what happened at Christmas? We drove about 300 miles south to be with family over Christmas. On the way down the old car, a Renault Scenic Megane, developed severe mechanical problems. We managed to get to our destination. I got the car to a mechanic soon after and he basically told me that the car would cost more to repair than it was worth. Indeed, I played less for the new 7 seater than it would have cost to make the repairs on the Scenic. The Scenic only had 70,000 miles, but it was all over. 

Now we were 300 miles from home and had no vehicle. So, after praying and seeking advice we managed to buy a car from a friend of the family. This time it was a Renualt Laguna Sport. It is an estate vehicle, petrol and nice to drive. But, the fuel economy is not so great, and being a "Sports" model the insurance was steep. Being from a friend of my dad’s we got a good price. 

Now that car is currently on Ebay and I anticipate getting more for it than I paid, and certainly more than I paid for the Sedona.  

All in all I can see how the Lord has worked and I am thankful for His blessing. Times have not been without stress, but at the other end of the trial I can see how the Lord was working all things together for our good and His glory.

Just for fun I may add some pictures of our car history later. We started with a VW Golf, went to a Renault Scenic, then a Renault Laguna and now a Kia Sedona.

Oh, I ran out of diesel the other day. I discovered that running out of diesel is worse than running out of petrol…



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