Three Weeks in Sunderland

We have been in Sunderland around three weeks and it has felt non-stop. We have had many answers to prayer and are enjoying getting to know the people here. God has blessed with some very kind and thoughtful friends, without whom these past weeks would have been almost impossible.

Since we have been here we have had to deal with serious decorating/structural issue in the house, the washing machine broke down, the car broke down, the heating broke down and the oven was not working, the shower leaked, the estate agent gave us the wrong keys initially and I think that about covers it all.

So, we have had lots of little things to sort out. Added to that I have been getting an understanding of the two primary ministries which I am building up, registering with new doctors and a million other little jobs. 🙂

It has been a bit of a headache at times, but I must say that in each difficulty God has brought a blessing.

We had to move into an unfurnished house and the most immediate need was beds. Someone in the church bought us a new bed and it is great! I never slept on a new mattress until last night and I rested so well!

Other items of furniture have been provided by new friends here, others rallied round to help do the washing when our machine was not working and again and again we have been amazed by the kindness of friends and the blessings of God.

I am putting together some pictures and video of the missions in which I am working and in a few months will be able to share a little bit more with every one about our plans for the future.

If any personal friends or supporting churches have questions or would like to know more about our current situation then please do not hesitate to contact me. In the next 2 or 3 weeks I hope to send out an e-mail expanding on the information given in the last prayer letter.

The Lord willing I will start making more blog posts again now I am back in a routine.

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