More About Our Move

I thought we would share a little more about our move. The schedule I posted the other day will give the over rule view.

Carrie and the children had about as good a trip as a 5 month pregnant mother with two children under 3 can expect. 🙂 It was not too bad and the Lord put friendl people along her way to help.

After they left I continued to pack up the house and prepare a final lecture for the Bible school. Last Thursday I lectured at the school until about 10pm and then drove 30 minutes to Larne to catch the ferry. It was a smooth trip and I arrived in Cairnryan, Scotland about 2am. Then it got tough.

I drove through the night and arrived in Sunderland, England at about 7am. That was a tough drive, probably the hardest I have had. I slept for two hours, unloaded our car and then drove down to Brimpton to meet up with the family. It could take as a little as 5 hours, but with traffic and some minor trouble with the car I got into Brimpton at about 7pm.

On Saturday my little brother, Natalio, got married. He and Melissa have begun their marriage with a determination to love each and God and I know they have a wonderful future together.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at Brimpton Baptist Church. I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting some of the new members. My family and I stayed with Pastor and Mrs. Dotson for the few days we were there. The children were not sleeping well at all and Mrs. Jane was very understanding which was a blessing. Pastor slept through all the noise of the children during the night due to the option of removing his hearing aids. 🙂

On Monday we packe up, said our goodbyes and then headed north. We got into Sunderland about 6pm and have been packing ever since. God has answered a number of prayer requests and are thankful for the kind reception we have enjoyed.

One of the families in the church here bought food supplies on behalf of the church so we arrived here to a full fridge and cupboard. Another family has purchased a large furniture item for us.

One final blessing. This afternoon we found our washing machine was not working. I tried to fix it but to no avail. I prayed briefly and then got ready for church. I was asked to preach at Bethesda tonight on "Jacob’s Trouble". When I arrived at the church the first person I met asked how we were doing and I said every thing was mostly fine but I needed to find someone who knew something about washing machines. It turns out the gentleman used to work on washing machines for a living! It was certainly a quick answer to prayer.

We have had a warm reception so far and we look forward to sharing more information and pictures with you.

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