Festive Family Fun

We;re alive! Apologies for my lack in posting recently. With the move, issues with the house and a visit back to Northern Ireland this week I have had little time to get online and post updates.

On Monday I travelled back to Northern Ireland, picked up the Andersons from the airport and then we all went up to stay in Londonderry. The Bakers were also in town. John Anderson and family had been invited to speak at a conference at Northwest Baptist Church, the Bakers were taking a final survey trip before their move and I was just gatecrashing and hanging out. 🙂 We had a good time of fellowship.

We have had some ongoing issues with the house, and while the house is great in some ways we are having some problems to overcome. Please pray with us about these matters. Yesterday was kind of tough

Today we went into town for some Christmas shopping. The children enjoyed the lights and some of the rides they had on the street. One new experience they did enjoy was the chocolate covered bananas and apples. Ashleigh had the apple, Samuel had the apple and Carrie and I had fresh honey-roasted peanuts.

The festive foods are already rolling!

Life has settled a little now and so posts should be more regular.

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