Busy Days Ahead

The last few weeks have been quite busy as we made plans to move. Carrie has worked very hard and very smart in packing up the house. We still have a little to do but I think most of the packing is done. However, things will certainly speed up in the next few days.

Here is a brief list of the activites over the next two weeks:

  • Monday, 20th October – Collect rental van and load up
  • Tuesday, 21st October – Take ferry to Scotland, drive 3 hours to Sunderland and begin to unload
  • Wednesday, 22nd October – Complete unloading and prepare house for family
  • Thursday, 23rd October – Return to ferry in Scotland and come home to Ulster
  • Sunday, 26th October – Final Sunday as pastor of Faith Baptist Church
  • Monday, 27th October – Carrie and the children fly to London
  • Thursday, 30th October – I lecture at the Bible School
  • Thursday, 30th October – Immediately after the Bible school I take the midnight ferry to Scotland and drive to Sunderland to drop off a few items
  • Friday, 31st October – I drive 6 hours south to my family for my brother’s wedding
  • Saturday, 1st November – My "little" brother gets married
  • Monday, 3rd November – My family and I drive 6 hours north to Sunderland
  • Tuesday, 4th November – I preach at Bethesda Free Church
  • Wednesday, 5th November – I decide to never travel again 🙂
  • Thursday, 6th November – Meeting with leaders at mission halls in Sunderland
  • Sunday, 9th November – Formal induction and welcome to the new work

Please do pray for us over the coming weeks. Those are just the highlights and there is much to be done in-between.

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