Visit to England

On Monday morning I had an early start to get to the airport. I flew over to Sunderland to spend the day looking for a new home to rent and also to lecture in the Bible school in the evening.

I had some success finding somewhere, but now we wait for the paper work to go through. The new house will hopefully be on Ivanhoe Crescent. I have to admit, there is something about living on a street called Ivanhoe that sounds interesting. 

The lectures in the evening seemed to go well with 14 students in attendance. 

Tonight I have three hours to lecture in a different Bible school. On Monday the topic was evangelism, tonight the topic is I Corinthians. 

We are doing well, just tryign to get everything in the home and church ready for the move. Please do pray that the house here would be rented out to someone else sooner rather than later. 

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