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Our missions conference at the weekend began well and I believe God blessed all the way through.

On Friday and Saturday Traves preached two great messages. Both days we had a blessing through specials. On Sunday morning and evening we continued the conference as I preached on a continued missions theme.

The theme for our missions year is "Expanding Our Horizons". As we look further we see more need and seeing more of the need should certainly inspire us to do more for Christ and for the lost souls around us.

MP3’s pf the sermons are available from the church website now ( ) and should be available from this site later today.

    Travis Snode – Catching the Vision for World Evangelism – Nehemiah 1
    Travis Snode – Planning for the Vision of World Evangelism – Nehemiah 2
    Martin Wickens – Financing the Vision for World Evangelism – II Corinthians 8
    Martin Wickens – Believing in the Vision for World Evangelism – II Kings 13

As well as the messages and music we also had missionaries giving testimonies via Skype. Having setup webcameras and a projector we were able to have a mini-video conference with Evan Williams, missionary to Honduras, on Friday and then Roy Clements, missionary to England on Saturday. Both men were a blessing and a help to us.

As a church we were encouraged and challenged to not just to continue but to expand our efforts toward world evangelism.  

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