Great Start to Missions Conference

Tonight we had a great start to our 2008 Missions Conference. Our theme this year is "Expanding Our Horizons". The challenge is to do more, go further, prayer harder.

Pastor Travis Snode came down with his family. Teri sang for us and then Travis gave a great message on Catching the Vision. You can listen to the message here: Catching the Vision

I am honoured as a pastor to host what Travis believes is to be one of his longest sermons! 🙂 The message was tremendous and nobody was watching the clock.

The sermon was also recorded onto DVD so let me know if you want a copy. I am hoping to get a segment online but am not sure if that will work.

Using Skype we had a testimony from Evan Williams, missionary to Honduras.  We look forward to seeing him in person in July. Right now he is on deputation in the USA.

The whole service went great and I know everyone was challenged and helped by Travis’ message! Pray with us as we continue to conference over the weekend.

Right now everyone seems excited about what they can do for the Lord. For the first time in a while so many cards from the church have been given out that we have run out! We have plenty of tracts left but as far as material to go through doors we will need to re-order and get that in soon.

God is working already and I am excited to see what He will do for His glory! 

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