Finally Home

Yesterday morning after a relatively good trip we arrived home in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland! The trip went mostly well. We did have to wait on the plane at Newark airport due to traffic on the run way. It is probably due to the American traffic system. American friends, you need to implement the British traffic system. 🙂

Anyway, the children behaved very well on the plane though they did have a few moments. 

Yesterday Carrie got everything unpacked and began settling into home again. I had a lunch meeting with a pastor and some friends here, then at 3pm I had an IFM council meeting to attend. I got home for a few hours and continued opening mail and then in the evening went up to the Bible school. All in all it was a busy day.

Today the busyness has continued with many little tasks and a few big ones to accomplish. So far everything looks good.

As I collate various items of news it seems some exciting and difficult times are ahead for our family, the church and for the future of many churches and missionaries up and down the country.  As time and permission allows I will post more on this.

Anyway, we are home, we praise God for His goodness, we thank the Bakers for staying here and caring for the church, we thank the many who prepared the house and our car for our return and we thank the churches and all those friends and family in America who made our stay worthwhile and enjoyable.  

As Ashleigh keeps saying as she walks around the house, we are glad to be home! 

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