Willie Mullan – Tramp After God

I want to introduce you to Willie Mullan – a great preacher now with
the Lord. For some 27 years Willie Mullan had the largest Bible class
in the United Kingdom. I have only recently heard his preaching though
Sam Kyle and many others have long recommended him to me. The message I
listened to was on John 11:1-10. It is powerful and insightful. Some of
the points I bring out in my message on the passage, others I now
incoporate. His six points are:

  • The Sickness of the Saint
  • The
    Supplication of the Sisters
  • The Sayings of the Saviour
  • The Skill of the
  • The Submission of the Servant
  • The Surety of the Son

I encourage
you to download the sermon and enjoy it for yourself.

Here is a link
for it plus a couple of other links:

  • John 11:1-10
  • Willie
    Mullan’s Testimony – MP3
  • Willie
    Mullan’s Testimony – PDF
  • Transcript from the
    message given at his funeral: The Revivalist ’81
  • Here is a small taste of his testimony taken from the back cover of a
    booklet with his testimony:

Every Tuesday evening hundreds flock to the
Baptist Church in Lurgan, Nothern Ireland, to hear Willie Mullan. But
it is not only in his homeland that Willie Mullan is known. In Iraq,
Arabs in the desert squat around a tape recorder to hear Willie Mullan.
In New Zealand, 200 Maoris stand to show they were converted through
the words of Willie Mullan. As the arctic seas crash around the Faeroe
Islands, a group of rugged fishermen enthusiastically recall the visit
of Willie Mullan. And so it goes on. But- How was the son of a poverty
stricken Irish widow become so well known around the world? How did
this son, youngest of seventeen, who was a tramp, a drunkard and a
gambler, become on of the greatest preachers today? The answer is God –
who still works miracles today. This is the story of Willie Mullan, a
prodigal son.

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