The Final Leg

What a week! It has been kind of hectic but here are the highlights.

On Monday I drove from Woodsville, New Hampshire, about 600 miles south to somewhere in Pennsylvania. I would not have minded too much driving a little further but we had to stop there. We stayed in a hotel and then Tuesday drove another 4 hours to Jonesville, North Carolina. Tuesday evening I had a great opportunity to stay with our friends in NC again, Ron and Suzy Cole.

On Wednesday T.J. Tilley drove me to Charlotte, Norther Carolina from whence I flew to Newark New Jersey, rented a car and drove several hundred miles back down the same interstate I had been on on Monday. This was because I needed to get transportation from Newark, to PA, meet my family, have one final meeting this Sunday and then get back to Newark.

On Wednesday evening I stayed in a hotel somewhere, not sure where. Thursday morning I got up and drove several hundred more miles back to Virginia to meet my family. Mom had driven them five hours or so up to meet with me.

We had lunch and then drove 5 or 6 hours more back north to Everett, Pennsylvania. While we are here we are staying with Carrie’s family, Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheryl.

We arrived yesterday evening about 8pm and have had a really great time with family here. I have driven around 1500 miles this week and it feels good to be with family.

Of course, the highlight has been meeting up with Carrie and the children again. It has been about a month since I have seen them and it has been tough! Anyway, it has been necessary and the Lord gives grace. Anyway, when I first saw them Ashleigh ran to me and gave me a big hug!

I have such a great family and I thank God for them. There is so much more to share about where we are staying, our family here and some of the things we have been able to do but I will save that for later.

However, let me say I have been up and down the mountain a couple of times today on the 4 wheeler/quad bike!

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