Tabernacle Baptist and Hilltop Baptist, Cairo, GA

This morning we had services with Pastor Gwynn Hayes at Tabernacle
Baptist Church in Cairo, Georgia.

Two of the other missionaries
preached during the Sunday School and I had the opportunity to preach
during the 11am service.

They gave us a warm welcome and I appreciated
the opportunity to be with them. This afternoon we stayed in the home
provided by Hilltop Baptist. I met Pastor Glenn in 2006 but was only
with them briefly. It was great to be back with them. I enjoyed
fellow-shipping with the members afterwards

One of the families gave
me a beautiful pen. It has a Olive Wood case, the wood is from
Jerusalem. Hilltop support many missionaries around the world and God
is blessing them greatly. Both churches are fervant in prayer and I
thank God I had the chance to be there.

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