Sod, West Virginia

On Wednesday the 12th we drove up from Hinesville, GA to Sod, West
Virginia. It took several hours, about 7 I think. It was a nice drive
up through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and then
finally into West Virginia.

The town we are staying in, or near, is
Charlestown. The actual town we are in is Sod. Apparently it got its
name by mistake. Sod were actually the initials of the man trying to
get some sort of postal arrangement set up for the area.

Anyway, it is
somewhat isolated. My mobile phone/cell phone does not seem to get
coverage anywhere within about 3 miles. We are staying with Helen and
Mark Ruby, a mother and son who attend the church hosting us.

They have
been wonderful hosts and have been a real joy to be around. Both have
gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable and to show us some
of the sights in the area.

The church truly demonstrate what it means
to be a family. At short notice we had an evening at a local park with
30 or 40 of the church members and friends. We ate, sang and prayed
together. Some shared testimonies and we had a great time.

Craig and Mark took us to a couple of special places in the area. The
first was Hawks Nest. It is a scenic area overlooking the river that
runs through this area. From there we went to a unique bridge. Check
out the pictures below to see why it is so special.

Tonight we went to
Craig and Amber’s home for venison. We had a good time of food and
fellowship. I have really enjoyed Mark and Craig and really seem to
relate to them well. We have a lot in common. Both strike me as men of
conviction and courage.

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