Seven Churches and 1200 Miles

God has opened many doors of opportunity and blessing over the past

Last Monday, the 3rd, I was with Tom Sexton at Gulf Coast Baptist
in Cape Coral, Florida. Over the following days we had several
opportunities to fellowship and I learned much from this good, Godly
and experienced man.

Tuesday, 4th March – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Fort
Myers, FL
Last week we were hosted by Emmanuel Baptist Church where Matt Booher
is the interim pastor. Matt Booher’s pastor and grandfather, Pastor
Ripley, died a few months ago. Emmanuel were wonderful hosts and I
enjoyed the time spent with Matt. I know God will bless his future
ministry where ever the Lord opens the door for him to serve. On
Tuesday evening I preached there and felt great liberty to share my
burden. I met some great people and enjoyed the friendliness and
openness of their young people.

Wednesday, 5th March – 1st Baptist
Church Matlachta, Cape Coral, FL
I loved the location of this church. It had a couple of rows of palm
trees and many different types of plants. They did have a swamp in the
area which accounted for the mosquitoes, but they don’t like me so they
just add to the atmosphere for me. Anyway, the Pastor Greg Wilmore and
his family were a pleasure to meet and I enjoyed meeting everyone in
the church. They had only recently moved to the church and it was good
to see the Lord working in the ministry.

Thursday, 6th March – Cleveland Baptist Church, Punta Gorda, FL
We had to drive a few miles down the road to get to Cleveland Baptist
and part way was through heavy, rush-hour traffic. We arrived at the
church with plenty of time so we went ahead and ate at a local Chinese
restaurant before the service began. One of the men in the restaurant
had been baptised at the church just the previous Sunday. We had good
services and I think one of the families had brought some visitors. One
of the missionaries in our group had met them many years before and so
they enjoyed something of a reunion.Pastor and Mrs. Weiss were a
pleasure to meet and fellowship with.

Friday, 7th March – Bible Baptist Church, Bradenton, FL
This day I drove about 90 minutes to Bradenton and arrived just in time
for the services. It is a large church and had a very welcoming and
friendly environment. One of the men had dressed in what would be
traditional Arab attire. Afterwards we got to talk a little and he and
his wife were a blessing. I met Jonathan and Janelle Gibbs,
missionaries to Peru. We had a great time sharing stories about
meetings and methods. Pray for them as they prepare to go to the field.
Pastor John Campbell really made us feel at home and I thank him for
giving me the opportunity to preach.

Saturday, 8th March Today I
travelled with a couple of the other missionaries up to Statesboro,
Georgia. It was around 500 miles I guess. We arrive, had a meal in the
evening and rested. Okay, well, that was another week. I may go ahead
and write about

Sunday, 9th March in another post now or I may leave it
until the morning…


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