On the Road Again

After a week at home with the family and a visiting friend from
Northern Ireland I am back on the road. It was great to see Carrie,
Ashleigh and Samuel again. Samuel had changed lots and Ashleigh’s
speech is improving every day. It struck me last week that in a couple
of months Ashleigh will turn 3 years old! Time flies!

Yesterday I drove around 500 miles to return to Valdosta, GA. We are at
a Spanish church in Moultrie, GA. Since my Spanish is limited, well,
non-existent, I just sit and smile a lot. 🙂 Everyone at the church has
been very friendly and despite the language barrier I have enjoyed the

We will be there until Friday night. Then, on Saturday, I will
head back up to Princeton, WV. It feels like I have entered the final
leg of this journey. There is still around 6 weeks left, thousands of
miles and many churches, but the end is sight. I thank God for the
opportunities He has given, and continues to give, but the family and I
are ready for home and to get back into the work!

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