Grace Baptist and Bible Baptist

On Sunday I had the opportunity to be with two churches. In the morning
I travelled over to Grace Baptist in Tifton to be with Pastor Ronny
Vice. We had an early start in order to get there for breakfast at 8am.
But, it was worth the early morning. The men in the church cooked a
great breakfast and for the first time in my life I enjoyed grits! It
was a good service and I enjoyed the people.

Recently one of the
families have had a very difficult time but I could tell the church had
rallied round them to support them. I could tell they had wept together
and rejoiced together through it all.

In the evening we made our way to
Bible Baptist in Albany, GA. The pastor there enjoys the mountains and
I guess wanted to trade places with me when he found out I was coming
to the mountains in TN this week. 🙂 The people there were so warm and
friendly it was a blessing and an encouragement. On the way there we
missed being in a bad car accident by just a few minutes. I had
actually gone to the church a different way than advised and I think
that little change helped us avoid the wreck. Anyway, it was ultimately
the Lord who spared us and I praise Him for keeping us safe.

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