Georgia Independent Baptist Preacher’s Fellowship

Last week I received an invitation to this fellowship, and as much as I
wanted to be there, it was four hours away from where I knew I would be
and I knew I wanted to really rest those two days. But, I also knew the
opportunity to fellowship with and learn from Austin Gardner who was
hosting the meeting, would be a unique opportunity.

So, I made the decision to go and I am glad I did. Bro. Gardner makes
me uncomfortable. Really, he does. Because he challenges my
presumption’s, he reveals my ignorance of missions and evangelism, and
he and his team at Vision inspire me to do greater things for God. It
is a discomfort I need. without such discomfort I would continue in
things that perhaps don’t work, I would continue in a defeated attitude
and I would perhaps not accomplish for the Lord all He wants to do in
and for me. If you do not know anyone who makes you uncomfortable then
find someone. This kind of doscomfort helps raise our sights, increase
our vision and magnify our effectiveness for the Lord.

The Gardners
opened their home to me and I want to thank them for the encouragement
and the hospitality they gave. The preacher’s conference was also a
blessing and challenge. Bro. Tony Howeth and Pastor Green gave
tremendous messages! They challenged and moved me and I want to thank
God for them both. The whole of the Vision Baptist team were a blessing
to meet and I pray I can take what I learned and implement it when I
return home to the UK.

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