Calvary Baptist Church – Woodsville, NH

This week we have been the guests of Calvary Baptist Church in Woodsville, New Hampshire. Pastor Chamberlin has been very gracious and driven us around some beautiful sites in the area.

Yesterday he took us to the scenic overlook where we took pictures of Mount Washington! Today he took us to the Cabot cheese factoryabout 40 miles from here.

Sorry citizens of the USA, but typically cheese in the USA just does not compare. I would not say it is bad, just different. However, the people at Cabot have made an acceptable cheese. In fact, it has the right to boast to be the only cheddar cheese that England has imported! 

We had our first services here yesterday evening. I enjoyed meeting the people but had a surprise. One young man, Jared, introduced himself and said he knew me. I did not immediately recognise him but once he mentioned his name later I did remember. We met at Landmark Baptist Church in Hainescity, Florida. He had been a student there that year and had heard me preach at a preacher’s conference. 

This church has provided us with great rooms and I am enjoying the stay here. 

I have not seen my family in a few weeks and do miss them greatly. However, it is coming to an end and I am looking forward to seeing them all next week. 


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