Welcome to the Bakers

On Tuesday morning Stephen and April Baker arrived at Belfast International Airport. s.baker.jpeg

I waited at the arrivals gate and everyone passed by with that glazed look in their eyes, but no Bakers. I waited more, tried to by a coffee but they were opening late, and kept waiting. Still no Bakers. Eventually there was an announcement asking for the person meeting the Bakers to go to the information desk. I figured they had missed me somehow and were waiting at the desk. But no…

When I found the information desk I was informed immigration wanted to speak with me. My heart sank! Yep, we had problems with immigration. They had been unhappy with the Bakers VISA arrangments and it looked for a little while like they would be sent back.

The immigration officer spoke with me and asked a bunch of questions. Then they went to speak with Stephen and April again. After what seemed like forever they called back to say they were letting the Bakers stay in the country!

God had blessed and worked out their situation in a way I have never seen done before. God was certainly answering prayer.

A Mormon student was also stopped at immigration and it looks like she did not get through…

It has been a pleasure having the Bakers in our home. I had met Stephen last year and we had been able to get to know each other better over e-mail. This was the first time we had met April though. It has been a lot of fun having them around and we are confident they will do well at the church in our absence.

Some of the highlights so far:

  • I have been hit by the flu, so Stephen had to jump in at the deep end in the services last night
  • April has driven our car twice, and every one survived! 🙂
  • Some friends from the church came up and spent the afternoon getting to know Stephen and April 

Pray for them as they get used to new surroundings.

I thank the Lord for their willingness to be here and take care of things at the church while my family and I are away in the USA. 

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