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In our last blog we mentioned the possibility of a delay due to bad weather. Well, we hit the road anyway and we found it looked worse than it really was. We made good time and arrived in Greenville, SC at Carrie’s mom’s home with no problems. Ashleigh and Samuel slept for pretty much the whole trip.

I am just going to give a brief over view of our last few days. So far I have been in 4 churches in three States and I have driven over 1,500 miles.

Friday 18th

Today I arranged to have the use of a mobile phone (cell phone) while I am here. My number is 864-678-0879. I also purchased a Garmin GPS unit. While it was an expense initially the help it will be over the next few months is priceless. As well, I figured the money I would save through not driving around for hours at a time lost would pay for the GPS eventually.

Inn the evening Jay and Chelsea Bopp came over in the evening. Angela Baker came over in the evening also. I think Chelsea and Ashleigh enjoyed seeing each other again.

Saturday 19th

I got up Saturday morning and prepared to travel to Valdosta, Georgia. The GPS took me off the main roads which concerned me a little. Travelling conditions were very bad with a lot of rain and snow. Eventually I arrived in Valdosta, GA. I got showered, changed and headed out for Moultrie, GA, for meetings with Pastor Ken Weaver at Grace Independent Baptist Church. Pastor Weaver had Pastor Ron Talley in as the main speaker for the conference. 

Sunday 20th

Today we had services with Grace Independent Baptist Church. I had dinner with the Weavers and then spent the afternoon afterward with the Allen family. I enjoy Lester and Helen Allen very much.
In the evening we had dinner at the church and good services.

Monday 21st

God worked it out that a friend of mine, John Anderson, a missionary to London, England, was passing through Valdosta at the same time as me. We met up and had good fellowship and good food at Crackerbarrel. Then I travelled with Lester Allan and Jacob Carrillo, missionary to Spanish speaking people in Brownsville, TX. We arrived in Warner Robin, GA, around lunch time. This evening we had services with Bible Baptist Church.

Tuesday 22nd

Today I helped Jacob put together a prayer card. Jacob is a good man and I have enjoyed fellowshipping with him this week. In the evening we had services again with Bible Baptist in Warner Robins again.

I will say more about Bible Baptist Church in Warner Robins in a separate post. For now I just want to say what a blessing it was to be with them. 

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