Northside Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Yesterday Carrie and I ran some errands around the shops near home. Then in the evening we went to Northside Baptist in Greenville, SC. Pastor Samargo was very welcoming and we enjoyed their church very much.

Unfortunately I realised at the last minute that my notes I had left somewhere south of Macon, GA. So with fear and anxiety I headed for church. Despite my concerns the Lord blessed and I believe the message went fine. Angela Baker was also in the service and had an opportunity to share her ministry as well. 

Afterward we went out for a bite to eat with Bro. Landis and his wife Joyce. Bro. Landis heads up MTT Ministries. Visit their website to find out more about their tremendous ministry.

We had a good time and I was glad my family could be with me.  

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