Bible Baptist Church – Warner Robins, GA

I have really enjoyed being with the pastor and people of Bible Baptist in Warner Robins, GA. We had the privilege to visit their Christian School Tuesday morning and Jacob and I were really blessed.

Many of the people I spoke to in the church had travelled to various places in the world with the US military. Each one was a blessing and encouragement to me.

Bro. Lester Allen preached on Monday evening and I will be posting that message here later. It was one of the best messages I have heard, not just recently, but for as long as I can remember. Check back so that you do not miss that!

On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to preach. The people at Bible Baptist are wonderful to preach to, and for.  They received the Word gladly and with a good spirit. If they were blessed by me just half as much as I was by them, then I would be glad. 

It turned out one of the families in the church had a son who travelled on two teams with Bob Landis on the MTT team. It was interesting because the next day, Wednesday, I was to be with Pastor Samargo where Bob Landis attends.

After services on Tuesday I hit the road and headed for home. After 4 or 5 hours I arrived back in Greenville, SC at about 2am. I was tired, but glad to be home.  

Once again, Bible Baptist are wonderful people.  

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