Rise in Anti-Semitism

"In August 2006, as the war in Lebanon raged, a gang of teenage girls
confronted 12-year-old Jasmine Kranat and a friend on a London bus.
“Are you Jewish?” they demanded. They didn’t hurt the friend, who was
wearing a crucifix. But they subjected Jasmine, a Jew, to a brutal
beating—stomping on her head and chest, fracturing her eye socket, and
knocking her unconscious.

"According to the Community Security
Trust, the defense organization of Britain’s 300,000-strong Jewish
community, last year saw nearly 600 anti-Semitic assaults, incidents of
vandalism, cases of abuse, and threats against Jewish individuals and
institutions—double the 2001 number. According to the police, Jews are
four times more likely to be attacked because of their religion than
are Muslims." (Read the rest of this article )

I read this article today and thought it important to share with others.

Psalm 122:6 – "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."



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