New Supporting Church

Two weeks ago, November 18th, we had the opportunity to take a mission’s conference at Anchor Baptist Church in Waterford, Ireland. We had a great time of fellowship with the Thatchers and thank the Lord for their friendship.

The Thatcher family and their church showed us great kindness and generosity. Our family really enjoyed the time we spent there.

An added blessing is that they have voted to take us on for support!

As well, this week we heard from River Valley Baptist near Dublin (Pastor Bob Zemeski), and they recently had a blessed Mission’s conference. The Zemeski’s and their church have been faithfully supporting us for a little while now and we greatly appreciate them their continued help. Bro. Bob uses a Mac, but that’s okay… 🙂  (I should add that yesterday my printer advised me to get a Mac)

Anyway, God has been good and we wanted to share with others what He is doing for us.  

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