Deputation 2008

Yesterday we booked our tickets to travel to the USA in the spring of 2008 to complete raising our support. We love being in the USA, but I prefer to be home, with the church, in the country to which God has called me. However, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share the great need and great opportunities of the United Kingdom.

God blessed in getting me my VISA so quickly and easily. Because I will be in the USA for several months and, in the eyes of the government, working, it was necessary to get a VISA.

A couple of weeks ago I filled in the paper work online, then called their expensive phone line to book an interview (the phone call cost about $30!!!).

Yesterday I went to the Consulate General in Belfast and the interview went smoothly, quickly, and even painlessly. The lady started asking more detailed questions and my interview seemed to be taking longer than some of the others who went in before me. After a few minutes I realised she was asking more out of general curiosity than official suspicion.

I had asked for a VISA to allow me in the country for four months, but she gave me a Minister on Evangelical Tour which is valid for a year and lets me enter and leave the US multiple times! God is good!

I left there yesterday afternoon and my passport had to remain with them in order for the proper documents to be attached. To my surprise it arrived in the post this morning.

Yesterday we booked our tickets and, Lord willing, we will hit US soil on January 15th, 2008.  

Taxes – I Get to Give the Government Money!

For the last couple of years I have tried giving money to the government but they were not quite sure how much to take from me and why. So, no taxes were paid. I was getting nervous that they would backtrack on me and I would end up with a fine and a hefty bill.

Again, the Lord has answered prayer. My accountant got everything arranged and the estimated tax bill is about what we had guessed it would be and had been saving toward.

God has been good to us.  



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