Pointzpass Baptist Church

Yesterday my family and I travelled about an hour south to be with Pointzpass Baptist Church for the day.

Not too long ago they celebrated their 110 anniversary! It is exciting to see this church not just still in existance after all these years, but thriving! Many churches just exist. They come together, they have their semi-ritualistic services and then go their way. At Pointzpass the people were growing in grace and knowledge and the church was growing in numbers. 

I understand they had a few hard years but since Pastor Wesley Crawford began there just a few years ago they have seen great things happening. Also this year they had their first baptism in 13 years! What a blessing!

The contiuation of the church is due in a large part to the labour of Bro. Nigel Bruce and his family. Bro. Nigel used to attend Rathfiland Baptist but got a burden for the church in Pointzpass and for the past 5 years and literally poured himself into the work. It is exciting to see God's people labouring and seeing blessings from the Lord!

I enjoyed the day with them. In the morning I preached on the life of Joshua as a template for leadership. In the evening I preached on Job 9 which was a straight foward Gospel message.

I missed being at "home" with my extended family at Faith Baptist Church. I appreciate Matt Parrow and Peter Skillen stepping in to fill the pulpit in my absence. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Church on Wednesday and then again on Sunday.  

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