Ulster Folk Museum

As we toured the site I could not help but wonder at the changes that have taken place over the past hundred years. From having "ten people in two rooms" we have gone to "two people with ten rooms." In every house we went into we found Scripture on the walls. Speaking with a lady in the museum she told us that practically all homes and buildings had Scripture on the walls, but it was mostly tradition and not necessarily an indication of a personal walk with God.

In the court house we found criminals being convicted of "Larceny of Boots" and "Malicious Damage to Trees." Every crime, large or small, was noticed and dealt with.

The family homes are what struck me most. They were so small, they had no personal space and no comforts. Certainly, they had disease, hunger, cold and doubtless other problems most of us could never understand but I cannot help but wonder if the family unit, in general, was stronger.

Now we have all we need, we all have our own rooms and lock ourselves away for our private space. We do not really know what it is to really need something and so as well as impacting the family I wonder how this has impacted our relationship with God.

I sit here contemplating the past, perhaps it was better than today, maybe that is a case of the grass always being greener on the other side, and some kind of idea of the "good ole days." 

It was a good day and I have a pile of sermon illustrations in the workings. God blessed with good weather and the whole family enjoyed the trip.  As time allows I will add a few pictures of the site.

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