Trip to Bangor

Today we took the opportunity to go to Bangor, a seaside town about 45 minutes from home. We had to get some new shoes for Ashleigh, whose feet keep growing, and we wanted to show Chelsea Bopp some more of Northern Ireland.

Chelsea Bopp has been with us since the 5th of June and will be here until about 6th of June. Chelsea is from Greenville, South Carolina. She has been a great blessing to have around the home. The help she has been to Carrie in the home and to me in the church has been immeasureable. We thank God for the opportunity for us to have her here. Last year the whole family visited with us, Jay, Nancy, Chelsea and Hatheliegh. The Bopp family are unique, and for all the right reasons. It is rare to see such a combination of talent, character and readiness to serve in one family. I praise God fo such friends as these.

As well as helping Carrie around the house, which is a great need in and of itself at the moment with the baby being due in about 6-8 weeks, Chelsea has also been helping in ministries at the church.

I am sure we will be making mention of Chelsea a number of times in the coming weeks but please do keep her in you prayers.

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