Roe Valley Baptist Church

We returned home from England yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening I was on my way to preach at a Gospel Mission in Limavady. I went to Reo Valley Baptist Church ( which was started by Pastor Ronnie Smith. Pastor Smith is a missionary from the USA.

Pastor Smith and I first met about two years ago soon after we had moved here to Northern Ireland. Somehow we had ended up with an extra piano and at that time they had a need for one. So, Pastor Smith came down with a man from his church and collected it from us. We had a good time of fellowship that first meeting! We have not had much opportunity to meet since that time but he is a friend and I appreciate the great work he is doing in Limavady.

Recently he called and asked me to preach for him in a Gospel Mission he had organised. I was excited at the opportunity and gladly accepted the invitation.

Last night I preach from Job 9 on the key to salvation. That passage had challenged me and I pray it helped someone last night. After the service a young girl made a profession which was thrilling! It was exciting to hear she had come to the Lord and I trust she will grow close to the Lord and walk with Him all her life.

Pray for me as I return this evening to preach once again.

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