The Bible & Life April 2007

Yesterday we began our Bible and Life Series by looking at what the Bible has to say about two bioethical issues, abortion and euthanasia. I was disappointed that we had no visitors but encouraged by the response of the church. We did have three visitors, but they are believers and members of other churches.

Two are the parents of one of the couples in the church and another man brought his sister. It was good to have them there, they are always welcome and I enjoy them, but our goal of seeing first time visitors was not realised.

The Lord knows we did everything we could and at the end of the day we have to leave the results with Him. We distributed over 1200 leaflets and spoke face-to-face with several dozen individuals. We will do what we can to increase our outreach and just keep on being faithful to do our part.

Many members of the church responded positively to the messages. The sermons were mostly topical in nature and topical sermons are not my preference. However, I know it takes all kinds of styles to convey the Word of God and different people respond better to different styles. Anyway, though I was a little uncomfortable the Lord blessed and the people received the Word gladly.

Two of our members work in world of medicine. One of the ladies works as a Health Visitor, she is a qualified nurse, is very skilled and very knowledgeable about babies and pregnancy etc. So, speaking in the morning I found myself looking at her every now and again to see if I had given the right information and statistics. At the end of the service she had some encouraging words and so I praise the Lord for that.

The other individual works with pacemakers. Sometimes he is programming the pacemakers themselves and at other times he is in surgery over seeing their implementation. Last week he was involved with two situations that involved a potential abortion in one case and potential euthanasia in the other. He was a little concerned and we spoke about the cases after the service. I believe he followed Biblical principles in both cases and that he was right to take the action he did.  

In the morning service I did not complete the sermon and so will finish it next Sunday morning. Once it has been edited into an article format I will post it here for anyone interested to read. Most of the material is available on the internet and in books but I will do my best to list all the sources and point you in the direction of those who are better able to argue these crucial topics.

Anyway, please continue to pray with us that we will see visitors, that souls will be saved and the Lord will add to His church as He sees fit.   


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