On Friday evening I led a group of 6 teens and 3 adults in an attempt to witness to teens in the area. We walked all over Woodford and Christine (two housing areas near us). Any teens we saw we approached spoke to about the Gospel and meetings at the church.

Later in the evening we went to Ballyduff and there we found a large number of teenagers and younger children. One of the in the church, John Silverson, had a great opportunity to speak with three teenagers. They listened well and we hope to see them at our youth meeting next week.

Later the group from our church went to the basketball court and found a large number to speak to about Christ. It was heart breaking to see 14 and 15 year old boys standing around with bottles of beer in their hands. As normal with a crowd some tried to prove they were the tough guys with cursing and sarcasm etc. Some did listen and again, we are hoping and praying to see them visit us. One of the teens said he had never heard the Gospel before…

Yesterday I began the door to door work again for this year. Two of the teens in the church and two of the men joined in to help. We went to 150 homes and spoke with several people. Some people were not home, some pretended to not be home, but others came to the door, accepted our literature and we had a number of good opportunities to share the Gospel.

It was amazing to see how many people were members of this or that church, had been for all their lives, and yet had no idea about salvation and no assurance of their sins forgiven and Heaven their home. Many made statements such as, "Well, I am doing my best and hope when I die I have done enough." These people go to "Protestant" churches, but sadly "Protestant" does not always mean Gospel preaching.

Please pray for the good contacts we had. Ask the Lord to work in hearts and impress upon individuals to go to Christ for salvation. Pray that they will visit with us with a desire to know more about our wonderful Saviour.

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