Fellowship, Visitors and Doctors

Over the past few months we have had little opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy the company of other believers.

Last night we had two of the young couples we know back to our home after church. One couple, Gareth and Karen, attend our church and have done so for several years. They have been a great blessing and help to us over the last couple of years. Gareth is currently in Bible School and has a strong desire to help in the church. At the moment he heads up the teens youth programs and does a good job.

The other couple, Matt and Michelle Parrow, are missionaries starting a work in Antrim, just a few miles up the road. They are attending Sunday Mornings with us until they get their work off the ground. Carrie and I have grown close them in a short period of time and we thank God for a young couple, close to us and in a very similair situation. They have one 3 year old daughter and one just a couple of months old.

We invited the other young couple in the church as well but they were unable to make it. Kyle and Karen are a wonderul friends and we have enjoyed getting to know them. They are part of the choir and really enjoy singing. Singing praises is a part of life to them and they sing together at home and in the car all the time.

We hope to make it a regular time of fellowship, maybe once a month having the young couples in the church over to our home.

Obviously, "young" is a relative term. 🙂 By young we refer to the 20-somethings.

Sunday evening we had a lady visiting with us at the church. She has been before and I understand she comes to us when she cannot get to her "home" church over in Belfast. We were glad to have her with us but we continue praying for lost visitors who will come, hear the Gospel and turn to Christ for their salvation.

Both services seemed to go well yesterday. We had good attendance and the Lord blessed in the message and in the fellowship.

First thing this morning we had to take Ashleigh to the doctors for one of her vaccination "jabs". It is never pleasent to see that big old needle being stuck in your baby's arm, but we know it is necessary. I thank God we live in a country where medical care is readily available to all.

This weekend a friend e-mailed from Kenya to explain why he had not e-mailed in a while. It turns out he had caught Malaria and was hospitalised for a time. His name is Justus Wafula and I would ask that you remember him in prayer. His a good man, a Kenyan pastor planting churches and serving faithfully!

I hope the new layout of the site makes it easier to access and read. If you have comments, suggestions or requests please don't hesitate to contact us.

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