New Testament and Landmark

After leaving Tiftonia, TN we drove up to Goodlettsville to be with Pastor BJ Stagner and New Testament Baptist Church. I really enjoyed meeting some of the other missionaries there. I hope to add some of their websites to my site link list so please take the time to check them in the next couple of weeks. Through other missionaries and some of the other national pastors I have met the Lord opened my eyes to how He is working around the world.

Pastor Stagner and the people at New Testament were a great blessing to me and I praise God for the opportunity to be with them. I was honoured to try their world famous ribs and they lived up to their reputation!

After the conference at New Testament we returned for a couple of days to Valdosta, GA. Then we drove down and had the opportunity be with Landmark Baptist Church for their Bible Conference.

It was good to be there and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Pastor Micky Carter and a few other good men.

I thank God I had the opportunity to meet Scotty Drake, TJ Tilly, Bro. Cole and Pastor Reynolds again.

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