Yesterday I arrived home and am home to stay this time. It has been four weeks since I saw my family and praise God I am back with them! I was not sure how Ashleigh would react to seeing me after such a long time. I thought she would maybe hide behind Carrie a little and it would take a little while to get used to me.

As soon as I walked in the door here she walked up to me with her arms up. I sat down and gave her a hug and she crawled into my lap and had a big smile! That makes a daddy feel good! All day yesterday she was walking up to me and putting her arms up for a hug. I’d pick her up and she would pat my back and rub my back… her way of giving a hug. šŸ™‚

Something she learned while I was away, and perhaps her first sentence, is "Daddy’s away." That made me feel kind of sad, but now I am back and hopefully she will learn new sentence. She said "Daddy’s away" this morning but she knows I am here.

The last few days were good and I will try to give an update sometime today. God bless.

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